In the newly released movie Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot and Kristin Wigg, in their respective roles as Wonder Woman and Barbara should have been lovers, not enemies. Why does the motion picture industry have to ruin potentially strong women’s friendships and/or relationships and pit them against each other.?

It is an age old story, really. Women are simply, by definition, unable to have eachother’s backs. They have to compete; for their job, their man, their looks their place. This is what the world would like us to believe.

I imagine a different story. An alliance of women, a pact between the Barbara’s and the Wonder Women of the world, through their friendship and bond, bringing the world back to homeostasis.

In my hopeful and sapphic mind, I thought I saw some early flirtation between the geeky Barbara and Diana, both strong and smart women, making me hopeful that this would rise above the formulaic story that has been written over and over again about the friendships that exist between women.

While the movie is delightful, in many ways, for a child of the 80s, I was still hoping for a different movie. One fresh and unblemished in its handling of the complexities of friendship between women.

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